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Our company offers professional epoxy flooring application services in addition to a variety of other concrete flooring, Stretched Ceiling, 3D Wall Paper and Wall Panels services for clients throughout Nigeria and West Africa.

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3D Epoxy Graphic Flooring

The 3D technology is gaining increasing popularity. Deremy Planet Epoxy 3D floor can be use in shopping malls, halls,hospitals,schools,churches, offices, homes and apartments due to its creativity and high performance. This decorative flooring with a large scale art object has changed the idea of flooring and its the latest fad in the fancy floor world. Our Epoxy 3D floor installation process involves laying down a layer of self-leveling primer followed by the desired image. This is then treated with a transparent two-component epoxy or polyurethane to give the perfect image depth that allows it to withstand any type of moisture or water damage.

Not like a sticker or painted vinyl that is directly under your feet, our installed epoxy 3D floor gives the perception of depth and is impervious to all sorts of damage that would usually affect floor decorations. Our 3D floor is very strong, durable ,tough and it doesnt emit an odor.Its easy to maintain and it requires little care and it can last for years.

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Reflector Enhancer Flooring

Demery Planet "Reflector Enhancer Flooring Systems" have been the hottest and most demanded commercial and residential flooring products since they were introduced. Metallic epoxy floors fit in any application. This instant eye catching “Wow” factor, as you can see Reflector systems looks like no other flooring product also Metallic epoxy floors are Very durable. Tough enough to withstand vehicular traffic and yet beautiful enough for virtually any interior setting. Futhermore, Deremy Planet metallic epoxy is amazingly cost effective and more affordable than similar flooring products.

From a distance, our REFLECTOR Enhancer Epoxy Flooring Systems and metallic epoxy floors might look like any conventional stained or polished finish.

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Stretch ceiling

Deremy Planet stretch ceiling is a suspended ceiling system that has two basic component which is a perimeter track and lightweight fabric membrance which stretches and clips into track. This beautiful ceiling system can also be used for wall coverings,light diffusers,floating panels ,exhibitions and creative shapes .This expectional piece of art allows the incorporation of all types of light fixtures,grilles and fixing points by the use of a Proprietary background support.

Our material comes in a vast array of colour and finishes including matt,satin,lacquer(mirror like),metallic,perforated and transclucent for lighting diffusers,backlighting &Projection.

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Pavin Stone Flooring

Reinvent your outdoor areas or create a scenic walkway or make a statement with a distinctive drive way using our unique pattern of complimentary pavers Deremy Planet products of paving stones complete commercial application.Expo crete paving stones range from the discrete and pragmatic to the dramatic.

With our range of unique patterns and color combinations to compliment and match your new or existing building project.

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Decorative Stamped Concrete

Decorative stamped Concrete is concrete that has been patterned or textured or embossed to resemble bricks,slate,flagstone,stone,tile,wood and various other patterns and texture.

This creative concrete is commonly used for patios,sidewalks,driveways,pool,decks and interior flooring Decorative concrete is very attractive to natural paving materials or plain poured concrete. At Deremy Planet,we achieve many different looks and with effective planning we give you the right look for your project.

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3D Wall panel

Deremy Planet 3D wall panels bring your walls to life with modern contemporary textured wall designs wall panelling made from plant fibre wood.And its easy to install Deremy Planet is a name that is synonymous with excellence and it is well recognised all around the globe.Our explicit design collection and unique,different embody all the dimension of impeccable taste,innovation and have a first-class craftsmanship that sets new standard of quality.

Our collection are built to last the lifetime of the property and are suitable for both high-traffic commercial installation and residential... Some of our unique collection are   1.3D wall panels 2.wave wall panels 3.gypsum wall panels 4.textured wall panels 5.Decorative wall panels 6.Accent wall panels 7.Interior wall panel

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3D Wallpaper

Deremy Planet exotic Wall paper and 3d wallpaper, is the world number one global design destination, championing the best architecture, interior fashion, art and contemporary lifestyle. Our wallpaper is a great impressionist. It can change the visual appearance of your room in many ways eg brightens a dark room,adds character to a dull room,warms up a room with no architectural features, creates a cozy atmosphere ,reveal your personality more than any other wall treatment. No other decorating product offers so much color,design and coverage to suit any moods, test and need,our wallpaper is economical,our wallpaper accentuate and features area within a space.

This wall papers are very exotics in looks and wonderful texture, they can be cleaned simply by using soap, water and cloth action.There are varieties of design to choose from our available catalogue housing the authentic sample which. Includes fabrics, bricks pattern and damask pattern ,floral patterns etc. These wall covering are suitable for homes,hotels,eatries, clubs etc.....connect with us today and schedule an appointment.

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We treat new or old concrete floors. Regardless of your floor’s current condition, we can transform your facility into a professional and sophisticated looking facility so contact us now to learn more about how our floor solution  services can meet your needs. DEREMY PLANET offer long lasting Epoxy Flooring and Coating that are used on floor and wall surface in Nigeria. The use of these coating give higher abrasion resistance to surface and are very easy to clean and wash. Using our Epoxy Flooring and Coating protects concrete from wearing out, controls concrete dusting and protects the substrate from chemical and physical degradation. Benefits of our Flooring and Coating are as follows:

  • Attractive finish, enhances working environment
  • Hygienic – easy to clean
  • 100% resistance to fungi and bacteria
  • Non-tainting
  • Hard wearing floor, ideal for Garages
  • Dust free, ideal for warehouses and wokshops
  • Tougher than concrete
  • High resistance to Electro-static current discharge (ESD)making it Ideal for server and computer rooms
  • Make plant more appealing to potential customers
  • Cuts down on the amount of lighting need
  • Helps keep finished parts clean before shipping
  • Define certain areas, or designate the presence of hazards
  • Reduce the Maintenance and Cleaning Costs
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Our Stamped Concrete Floor stands a life span of 3 to 4 years,after which we pressure wash and re-seal for maintenance depending on the usage and the traffic exposed to the floor.

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