A stretch ceiling can be defined as a suspended ceiling system with a perimeter track and corresponding membrane that clicks into the track. The membrane is tightened and clicks into areas around the track. Unlike traditional ceiling finishing that lasts between ten years, a stretch ceiling will last over fifteen years if treated right.

Stretch ceilings are a unique and budget-conscious way to help bring a customized design into a commercial or residential space. A stretch ceiling in Deremy Planet provides you with a fully customizable option without the need to invest in costly ceiling repairs and renovations.

Over the years, we have seen a few unique options for your typical stretch ceiling. This unique option has included a 3D stretch ceiling in the clients’ dining room and looked like the family was dining under a magnificent castle stateroom. Further to this, we have seen a backlit and illuminated stretch ceiling, which presented an exciting approach to a part of the room that we often ignore.

The best part is designing them how you want as your ceiling can be printed. That is right; printed stretch ceilings allow you to enjoy whatever view, thing, or branding you would like to showcase at your home or business. From custom branding that gives your space an extra billboard to a residential stretch ceiling that will bring the stars inside, the possibilities are endless. So, if you have an idea for your ceiling, the team at Deremy Planet can do it.

Why Invest in Stretch Ceilings?

  • Create a relaxing environment inside of your space

  • Inspire imagination

  • Ensure your home or workplace makes an impression

  • Create a unique atmosphere for family, friends or customers

  • Create a focal point for large, plain rooms




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